Welcome to Havering '90 Joggers.

We have been running together since 1990 and have gone from strength to strength. We have approximately 150 members of differing abilities, ambitions and reasons for running, so you should find that you fit in somewhere. Approximately 50 runners will turn up on any one night, although for whatever reasons, Tuesdays are our most popular night.

Our lower age limit is 18 years.

If you are thinking about starting to run, keep fit, train for your first 10K, half marathon or marathon or are already an established runner and just want to be part of a running club then come along and see if we can help you achieve your ambition.

If you are thinking that you will not be good enough for a club and are a bit nervous about coming along, then you're wrong. We cater for people of all abilities from non-runners to those who can run a marathon in sub 3 hours.  If you are an established runner, then we usually have a coaching session on a Tuesday night - which is optional. If you just want to run with others, then that's OK too.

If you can already run, you just need to come along, say hello at our desk in the room and we will put you with an appropriate group.

The minimum distance you should expect to run is 3 miles at a gentle pace. Other groups go farther and faster.

Learn to Run

If you cannot run, but would like to run with others starting out, then why not join our Learn2Run group. The group will usually get you to about 5K within 8 weeks, but does depend upon your level of initial fitness. However, it might just take longer, but there's no rush or pressure.  More here

Benefits of Joining the Club

By joining the club, you gain many intangible and actual benefits.
Train together to stay motivated and learn more about running.
Volunteer together and give back to the sport of running.
Socialise together at special club events and keep running fun.
Keep up to date with running news including a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events.
Participate in fun runs, club socials, and our competitions.
Work out with training partners at all levels of ability.
Claim the discount at races for affiliated runners

First Night 

Come (ready to run) and see somebody at the desk to introduce yourself. You will be asked to run with a group who matches as best as possible your ability. You can always run with a faster or slower group next time. However, you won't be left to run on your own. Nobody will ask you for any money until you have been with us for a few weeks and you decide you want to stay. Most runners volunteer the cash after a few weeks anyway. We go out the door at 7:30, so arrive about 7:15 on your first night in time to sort out some admin.

The room is not left unattended, so you can safely leave a bag or car keys, phone etc behind.

Desk Duty 

You will be asked to look after the desk for one night in the year and you will be notified in advance.


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