The Chunder Mile is a running and drinking challenge. Runners need to run a mile and drink four cans of beer as quickly as possible. Traditionally this event is held on a track, but we use a GPS measured course.

Runners must provide their own beer. The beer must be in 500ml cans and be a  minimum strength 4%. The beer can be bitter, lager, cider or any other style.

Runners start by drinking their first can and when finished turn the can upside down over their head (wear a hat) to prove it is empty. Beer is drunk straight from the can.Runners then run their first lap  Upon completion of the first lap, they drink their next can and go on to complete four cycles.

The venue will be decided nearer the time.

Inaugural Event
The first event was held on Thursday 28 April and in inaugural London Marathon fashion, we had a tie.

Dave Sherman 13:05
Roger Hagan 13:05
Neil Moses 19:00
Dave Keeley 24:10
Andy Wright 30:00
Martin Chester 33:08

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