The  H90J committee ask for just one thing from members (apart from subs of course) : that is to take a turn on the desk. By covering the desk, you contribute to the smooth running of the club and thereby support all other members. The role is simply to help keep the admin organised ( a committee member will brief you - its all simple stuff we promise ) and also to provide some security cover while others are out running (we have never had an incident).

Members are only given one rota date each year.

Normally the club room is unoccupied for little more than 40 minutes and where possible the desk person is released once a committee member returns or another person volunteers to take over. We ask that if possible you arrive by 19:20 so you can be briefed and be aware of what info is given  at  'Announcements'

It is frequently the case that on the day other members volunteer to cover the desk ; so if you want a run, feel free to come ready or bring kit with you. People often choose to run to the club or back home afterwards.

You will find the latest rota here- please make a note in your diary or let us know by return e-mail if you cannot be available on that date so we can reassign.

You will normally be sent a courtesy reminder mail or text a week or two before your due date as we recognise it may not be at the top of your agenda. If you find that nearer the date you are not available then please advise us so we can arrange for another person to swap

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