Yacht Handicap

The club handicap is an "in-house" competition that normally takes place over three or four club nights over the summer. All members of the club are encouraged to take part.

There are two or three qualifier races staged, before the grand final. To take part in the final, you must have run in one of the qualifiers. If you don't have a qualifying time, then you are not able to win the trophy. Sorry.

Only paid up members of the club can win a trophy.

Qualifiers; We will have an idea of your run time and will  start the slower runners first. We then have a staggered start, working through until the quickest runners go last (there could be a gap of around twenty minutes between the first and last people to start). The idea is that, providing the handicap system has worked correctly, you should all finish fairly close together. Watches are allowed on this one, and the first one home will be declared the winner. 

The Grand Final; The last race of the series is the Final. All those that have taken part in a qualifying race are eligible to run, and once again, watches are allowed. It will be run in the same way as the  qualifiers, which means that the first person home, wins. There are prizes for the first, second and third athletes home. 

Some Rules.

  1. The organizers decision on handicap times is final. Don't bother to try and influence the decisions made because you are injured, not well or didn't sleep due to worry about the race, because it won't help, and he will probably just push you further down the start list. 
  2. Only paid up members eligible to win a trophy.
The course is about 3miles long, and it's a good idea to run it a few times before the qualifiers to get an idea of your time, but also because when we come to do the races, there will be no marshals out on the route. We would prefer not to have to send out search parties for lost runners. A map of the route will generally be available on the club notice board around one month before the first qualifier.

Handicap Times for Final on August 8 2017

The table shows the order of the runners and how minutes after the lead runners that you start.  Please let Dave know if you want to be included or think that somebody is badly placed (anybody).

Danielle Charman   00:00:00
Yvonne Hagan   00:00:00
Les Adler   00:00:00
Ray Shaw   02:00:00
Lauren Keyworth   02:45:00
Paul Seddon   04:30:00
Emma Tudor   05:00:00
Mel Wiltshire   05:00:00
Andi Wright   06:00:00
Gemma Slade   06:00:00
Elaine Richardson   06:30:00
Jane Evans   07:00:00
Maria Brill   07:30:00
Teresa Crow   07:30:00
Vicky Blogg   07:30:00
Carol Nelson   08:00:00
Emma Bolton   08:00:00
Maggie Score   08:00:00
Suzanne Green   08:00:00
Trish Groves   08:30:00
Keith Penfold   09:00:00
Mel Green   09:00:00
Laura Thomas   09:30:00
Andy Grix   10:00:00
Faith Willis   10:30:00
Hazel Winston   10:30:00
Bobbie Westwood   11:00:00
John FORD   11:00:00
Laura Alison   11:00:00
Camille Whitcher   11:30:00
Debbie Jones   11:30:00
Elizabeth Hart   11:30:00
David Binge   12:00:00
Lara Harradine   12:00:00
Ronald Dobie   12:30:00
Brian Slade   13:30:00
Laura Kelly   14:00:00
David Dixon   14:30:00
Simon Maley   14:30:00
Alison CLIFFORD   15:00:00
Bruce Knowles   15:00:00
Daniel Tudor   15:00:00
Neil Moses   15:00:00
Samy   15:00:00
John Whan   16:30:00
Roger Hagan   16:30:00
Dave Sherman   17:00:00
Joaquin Polo   17:00:00
Stuart Allen   17:00:00
Ant STONE   17:30:00
Clive Tweedie   17:30:00
Andrew Wright   18:00:00
Roger Winston   18:00:00
David Bacon   18:00:00
Daniel Ryan   18:30:00
Roy Hendley   19:00:00
Rob Trevor   19:30:00
Joe Issacs   20:30:00

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