SHORT VERSION: From some point in the near future (date to be advised), you will need a keyfob/wristband to access the car park at Abbs Cross.  You can get one from the main sports centre reception desk for a (refundable) deposit of £5.

LONGER VERSION: Abbs Cross school (as in the education centre) are closing the school car park to the public at some point in the near future.  There have been various reasons cited for this but they have had a number of car park incidents, and fundamentally, their argument boils down to “my gaff, my rules”.  While there is street parking available, it is limited and so Everyone Active (who run the sports centre) have managed to obtain an exception to closure that satisfies the school policy.  Once the new parking regime is in place, if you want to park in the school car park, you need a keyfob/wristband thing that will open the barrier for your car.  The wristband will only operate the gate outside of school hours and will be registered to your name and address (as either an existing member of Everyone Active or H90J).  There is a (refundable) deposit of £5 on each wristband, which you have to get from the MAIN SPORTS CENTRE RECEPTION DESK at Abbs Cross.

We haven’t yet been told what the process is at the gate once do you have a wristband.  We cannot offer the wristbands from the club, because Everyone Active needs to register each wristband to specific individuals.

While this is annoying, Everyone Active have told us that their hands are tied.  There are no practical alternatives or exceptions we could come up with.  Feel free to engage with Everyone Active yourself if you want to query this further, but please remember that this is being instigated by the school and not Everyone Active themselves.  Any queries, please do come and speak to Chris Thomas or Ron Dobie.


Trish Groves
Lucy Burdett
Mark Dalby
James Blogg
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