London Marathon Club Entries Draw 

We have two places this year to be drawn in the ballot. Winners still have to pay the entry fee and must return the place to the club if they can't use it due to injury or other reasons. We will also draw a couple of reserves.

Qualifying members are those rejected from the marathon (present your evidence, no evidence, no ballot), being a member for 18 months before the ballot takes place (which will usually mean two Aprils previous), and not having gained a place the previous year through the club ballot.

The first place will drawn from London Marathon first timers. The losing tickets are then placed in the general ballot for the second place.

In the event of a winning member not being able to take part in the marathon for any reason, the entry will be returned to the club and will be reallocated to a reserve. A time cut off applies.

The draw will be made 24 October 2017

See News page for latest lists of entrants
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