The club is closed to us on Tuesday July 11 and Thursday July 13 due to the school having use of the hall for their awards evenings.

Congratulations to Ray Shaw, who won the final predicathon of the summer with an impressive prediction that was only 1 second out!


Many thanks to all those who helped out Dave and Chris stage the predictathons this year!

The results for the second round of the predicathon are here:

Congratulations to Bobbie Westwood, who was only 3 seconds away from her predicted time. Bobbie says it's her first running silverware ever, so congratulations!
H90J were privileged to have a team running the Green Belt Relay over the weekend of the 20/21st May this year.
The event is a 220mile, 22 stage relay race around London on Towpaths, Footpaths, Bridleways, the Essex Way, the North Downs etc.etc. and has some of the loveliest runs to be found in the South East. My stage, 18, which ended at Box Hill in Surrey has the most spectacular views of any run I have ever done, looking out from the top of Box Hill over the downs at the finish is just breath-taking (or was that the run to get there?). 
We had a team of 11 runners who did fantastically well, some at very short notice, as injuries and withdrawals left us facing only having runners for 19 of the 22 stages, but in the end we managed 21 of the 22 stages, which was a logistical triumph, even if it didn’t exactly reflect in the over all results.
So Well Done and a big thank-you to Ron Dobie, Neil Moses, Amanda Keasley, Mark Dalby, Sue Spong, Brian Parish, Keith Penfold, Mike Diver, Steve Cipa and Andi Wright. Ed Note - special thanks to Denis Mole for organising, pushing and managing our team.

As a club, H90J, came last, bottom of the table, we’d have been relegated if it was a league. Out of 50 teams, 30odd clubs, we were the slowest overall. We might have only come last in one stage but overall we need to be faster and have a FULL TEAM.

The club needs to have a re-think as to how we organise this event if we want to participate in the future, more runners and more reserves comes to mind as the obvious, but it needs to be a Club event and should be one of the highlights of our year.
Denis Mole

This year we will initiate an internal competition based on the ELVIS events and will complement the club Grand Prix competition. 

The scoring system will measure runners comparative performance against the whole field in each race (e.g, 50th in a race of 400 competitors is better than being 50th in a race of only 100). Absolute position and time are not so much of a factor. It is hoped that this method smooths out the differences between each of the courses and the number of competitors. Each person that you are ahead of in a race ,whatever their club, will help you up the ladder and by doing so also perhaps improve the overall result for H90J. 

As this will be the first year and a slightly new approach,  the scoring system may be finessed as we go along but the principles will remain. 

As in any competition the fastest will inevitably win overall, but another focus will be on identifying those runners who show consistent improved performance over the series. Real beginners and those in the middle will have an opportunity to get recognition and get an award for their efforts.

 Being 5k and 5 miles the events are good for most of our members : they are also comparatively low cost and local. 

You will not have to formally enter the competition - you will be entered by completing your first ELVIS event. Results will be published after each ELVIS event. To qualify you must compete in at least 4 ELVIS races. 

For information about the series and the races, please click on the ELVIS tab.
Sun Jun 11 Trail 7ml gfdr annual trail Black Lion, High Roding CM6 1NT from 9:30am
Sun Aug 13 Trail tbc Tour of Terling tbc mid essex casuals (dave game)
Mon Aug 14 Trail tbc Tour of Terling tbc mid essex casuals (dave game)
Tue Aug 15 Trail tbc Tour of Terling tbc mid essex casuals (dave game)
Wed Aug 16 Trail tbc Tour of Terling tbc
More information below. 

Please let Denis know if fancy a run.
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