The vets and juniors cross country championships will be held at Writtle University College, Lordship Lane , Writtle - CM1 3RR on Saturday 2 December. If you would like to enter, let Ron know.

The draw will take place on Tuesday 24 October. You need proof of rejection and have been a member since April 2016. Unless you said otherwise, you are assumed to have run the event before.

Here's a list of who is in which ballot. (updated 19 Oct)

First timers
Andy Wright
Leanna Romano
Mark Dalby
Lucy Burdett
Laura Dobie
Laura Kelly
Louise Pollock
Elaine Richardson
Maria Brill
Trish Groves
Josy Hughes
Carol Nelson

Old hands
Ian Brett
Ron Dobie
Neil Moses
Jodie Schubert
Rob Trevor
Clive Burrow
Christina Clementson
Kevin Flower
Alison Clifford
Michael Robinson
Ant Stone
Steve Sheekey
Melanie Green
Dave Sherman
Lee Evans
Clive Tweedie
Stuart Wright
Dean Bates
Andrew Adams

A fine dining evening and the Christmas party have been organised by John. Please see calendar for details or ask at the club.
The Essex 20 is full.
Roding Valley HM open
Brentwood HM open
Colchester 15 open
Colchester HM open
Great Bentley opens on 28 October and will probably be full same day.

Latest information on Essex Road Running website or Twitter feed.
Our friends at Havering Tri are organising an aquathlon on Saturday October 28 at Coopers Company & Coburn School. The entry system is here, but if you don't fancy it, you can help with a spot of marshalling by contacting Lisa.
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