Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Welcome Welcome to Havering'90 Joggers.    If you are thinking about starting to run, keep fit, train for your first 10K, half marathon or marathon or are already an established runner and just want to be part of a running club then come along and see if we can help you achieve your ambition. We cater for people of all abilities, but we are not open to under 18s.
Learn2Run If you are planning to start running soon, it’s will be a great advantage for you to learn all you can about how to do it properly and how you can progress quickly and safely. The ability to run is a great asset and means  you can exercise any place you might be.
Membership We have been running together since 1990 and have gone from strength to strength. We have approximately 130-150 members of differing abilities, ambitions and reasons for running, so you should find that you fit in somewhere. Approximately 30-50 runners will turn up on any one night, although for whatever reasons, Tuesdays are our most popular night.
Running We have a number of in house organised events that you can see listed on the site. However, you should be aware that all participation is voluntary and is at your level. Even if you find it difficult to run a few miles, somebody else will be in same boat and provide you with competition - if you want it.

London Marathon 2014

Congratulations to all of our runners who took part in and completed the 2014 London Marathon. Thanks also to those who stood on the roadside near to Blackwall DLR station, handing out bits of fruit and jelly babies to the passing runners. On a day more suitable to watching than running, it was another fantastic day in London.

The roll of honour for 2014 includes Roy Hendley completing his first marathon, Stephen Davis being our first runner home, and Sophie Denyer completing just seven days after running the Brighton marathon in under four hours. Our list of finishers is as follows;

Victoria Bryant 4:38:32; Stephen Davis 3:18:14; Sophie Denyer 4:19:53; Dave Evans 4:12:05; Jane Evans 5:52:08; Paul Freedman 7:44:29; Roy Hendley, 3:33:34; Paul Hutchins 4:59:30; Dave Sherman 3:56:20; Leigh Wood 4:29:54; Stuart Wright 4:41:43

Meanwhile, over in Vienna, David Skinner completed the marathon in 04:28:48

We must not however, forget our runners in the Brighton Marathon, which took place the weekend before London. Jo Reeves completed in 3:57:09, Sophie Denyer in 3:58:42 and Christina Clementson in 4:13:46.

For feedback from members, check out our Facebook group.


Spitfire Scramble

Later this year there will be a 24 hour team based running event a la the Adidas Thunder Run (TR24) in Hornchurch Country Park.  If you want to attend a an event on Wednesday April 16 at 5:30pm, please let Dave know that you're interested and he will provide details. You will need to come dressed ready to run.


Easter Eggstravaganza

This is a free event

The rules are simple, basically it’s a paper trail. We all meet at a secret location, the objective is to get all runners to the end of the route as quickly as possible, find the egg, and take a team photo as proof of evidence. The tricky part is making sure no one gets lost. The route is clearly marked out … well kind of, get to a junction turn left, right or go straight ahead, don’t know, try one route, if you come to three xxx’s then you made the wrong choice, turn round and try another option. What could be simpler, what could possibly go wrong. ….

Full details will be made available on the day. The event will take place on Sunday April 27th at 10.00am. The location is secret, all I can tell you is it will be in a park somewhere in the Havering area, details to be advised nearer the time. What do you need to know;  it’s a minimum 5 mile, faster runners will have to check out the dead ends, could be 10 miles for some of you guys.  Estimate it will take between 1 and 2 hours,  well that depends on the likes of Barry  getting lost and Yvonne being so slow she would have been better off walking. Finally, don’t forget to bring some money and a change off clothes, might get to the pub after for a drink and food to celebrate.  For more information contact Roger H, Roger W, Dave Keeley, Steve Sheekey. A sign up list will be made available shortly.


Midweek 5 Miles

Entries for our Midweek 5 on Tuesday June 10 are now open. The race is again part of the East London V (5) Interclub Series. or ELVIS. All races in the series are either 5 miles or 5K. This year, we are back at Raphael Park, which has recently been refurbished and is a joy to run in. Only a small section of the course (Park Rise) is outside the park and thus will be an improvement on our earlier course there. The race is open to all runners. More information here



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Keeping your profile up to date Along with your competition licence you will also receive their username and password which enable you to log in to keep your profile up to date. To go to the 'Edit My Profile' page please click here or go to


Moving clubs If you are moving between clubs you should be aware of the process for this. You will also need a copy of the form ‘Change of first claim club’. You may be given this form by your club or you can download the 2011 document here. If you...


Handicaps Launched runbritain's revolutionary new handicap scoring system is designed to give road runners of all abilities the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of...


Club News

  • Grand Prix 2014 It is that time of year again; with the spring marathons drawing...
  • Spitfire Scramble Later this year there will be a 24 hour team based running event...
  • ELVIS dates Here's the dates for ELVIS 2014 D88 – Wednesday 21st May –...
  • Easter Eggstravaganza This is a free event The rules are simple, basically it’s...
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Weekend Runs

Sun Apr 20 @08:45 - 11:00AM
Club Run - Hainault Forest from Chigwell Row
Sat Apr 26 @08:45 - 11:00AM
Parkrun - Harrow Lodge
Sun Apr 27 @10:00 - 01:00PM
Easter Eggtravaganza - secret location to be advised.
Sat May 03 @08:45 - 11:00AM
Parkrun - Harrow Lodge

Desk Rota

Tue Apr 22 @19:00 - 09:00PM
Desk Rota - Stephen Davis
Thu Apr 24 @19:00 - 09:00PM
Desk Rota - David Bacon
Tue Apr 29 @19:00 - 09:00PM
Desk Rota - Mark Duncan
Thu May 01 @19:00 - 09:00PM
DESK ROTA - Darren Ellis
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  • Denis Mole : Assuming Eggstravaganza is taking the place of usual Sunday club run - If anyone wants to to a Good Friday run I will be going up to Halstead for a 7 or 14mile recce run for those contemplating the Marathon
  • Keith Penfold : Female entry now available for Brentwood Half. Call/text 0787 158 9971 to claim
  • Keith Penfold : Male entry available for Brentwood Half. Call/text 0787 158 9971 to claim

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