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H90J Committee

For any issues with the club, please contact the relevant committee member below or talk to one of the members' representatives on any club night. 

All committee positions are held for one year only, and are opened for nominations before the AGM each year.  If you want to help your club by taking on a committee role, please put your name forward to a current committee member.  Anyone can take on these roles - if you want to volunteer to help your club, please do!

Details on each role can be found below.

Keith Penfold
Vice Chairman
Lucy Burdett
Race Secretary
Darren Radford
Minutes Secretary
Liz Preston
Daniel Noonan
Membership Secretary
Laura Kelly
Social Secretary
John Ford
Members Representative
Henry Monaghan
Honorary Secretary
Welfare Officer
Amanda Keasley
Communications Officer
Members Representative
Dave Sherman
Honorary Treasurer
Peter Burdett
Welfare Officer
Brian Fry
Kit Secretary
Brian Fry
Head Coach
Dave Sherman

About The Committee Positions

The club constitution states that the club must be run by a committee of volunteers.  Positions are voted on at the AGM and run for one year only.  After that, the positions are open to all and any member may put themselves forwards for a role, including the person who currently performs that role.  A person can hold more than one role at a time.

The following list is a good representation of what the positions currently do, but everyone brings their own style and viewpoint to their role, and so the responsibilities can vary over time.

  • Chair - Role includes overseeing all club activities, providing guidance and direction on club matters and chairing committee and general club meetings.

  • Secretary - Role includes managing the administrative aspects of the club including managing/booking meeting facilities, answering correspondence, writing the chair’s weekly announcements, collating the annual report for the AGM, making sure the club affiliation is paid and in place. Liaising with London Marathon and organising the allocation of club places, organising the marathon bus. Making sure the club acts within the limitations of the constitution. Representing the club’s interests on the Havering Sports Council.  Holder of clubhouse keys.

  • Treasurer - Role includes being bookkeeper of the club accounts and running the club bank account, making payments and receiving funds as required and giving guidance on financial matters.

  • Vice Chair - Role includes deputising for the Chair in his/her absence and supporting the Chair in the areas detailed above.

  • Membership Secretary - Role includes organising membership (club and England Athletics) for new and renewing members and organising Tuesday and Thursday desk duties.

  • Welfare Officers - Role includes being a point of contact for club related welfare issues including bullying, harassment and discrimination matters.

  • Race Secretary - Role includes organising races (significantly the annual Midweek 5), the Grand Prix series and the Winter Cup.

  • Social Secretary - Role includes organising functions/events for club members.

  • Communications Officer - Role includes the management of the club website and other social media areas such as Facebook plus management of the club shop IT functionality.

  • Kit Secretary - Role includes ordering and distributing bespoke kit for club members and managing payments to suppliers.

  • Minutes Secretary - Role includes taking minutes at all official club meetings and publishing those minutes and any records of decisions.  The current post holder also manages trophy orders.

  • Members Representatives - Role includes actively engaging with the membership and taking views, comments and issues to the Committee.

There are also two other roles that attend committee meetings, but are not involved in decision making:

  • President - The club president is purely a ceremonial role and does not vote at committee meetings.  It has traditionally been conferred by the club members at an AGM to a long-standing and esteemed member of the club when the previous president has decided to stand down.  There are no specific duties for the president, but they are usually a source of experience and advice.

  • Head Coach - The head coach is appointed by the committee and does not vote at committee meetings.  It is entrusted to a volunteer who holds the appropriate coaching qualifications and is willing to lead the coaching program and Learn2Run courses.

Committee Meeting minutes and other administrative documentation can be found here.

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