Members' Info



Membership is £45 for 2022-2023, which includes £29 membership fee and £16 that goes directly to England Athletics for your affiliation.  There are no other fees.  New members of all abilities are welcome - we offer a trial period to see if you like it before we ask you to join the club.

Desk Duty

To help facilitate the running of the club, the only thing we ask of members is to take a turn doing 'desk duty', which simply means keeping an eye on the club room while everyone goes out to run, so people can leave keys/bags/etc safely.  We have enough members that you only need to do it once every 1-2 years - and often someone who is injured will step in to cover it.  Please volunteer when the membership secretary fills out the calendar.

Club Nights

Club nights are Tuesday and Thursday night ready to run at 7:30pm.   You can leave keys/bags/etc in the club room while you run, as someone will be on 'desk duty' to keep an eye on things.  A Learn2Run leader will be present on every club night to take out beginners.  On Tuesdays, there is usually a coached session if you wish to take part.  On all nights, there are usually many different groups going out at different paces and distances (and social runs) that you will easily find someone to run with.  If in doubt, don't hesitate to speak to a committee member!

Sunday Runs​

Sunday 9am runs are taken from various locations within Havering and nearby Essex.  These are planned in advance in nice running locations with suitable parking and post-run refreshments.  Sunday runs have a 'nobody left behind' policy, so are suitable for all runners and are a great opportunity to get to know people in a more social setting.  We recommend getting to the Sunday runs for 8:45, as the runs leave at 9am prompt.  See the calendar for upcoming runs.

Other Runs​, Socials & Activities

Members often arrange other social or training runs amongst themselves, as we have a very large, welcoming group of runners.  Although not organised by (or associated with) the club, some of these are regular fixtures and often mix with members of other clubs.  Once you are a member, you will have access to our social channels and can get involved.


The official club colours are blue with yellow logo.  If you take part in a race, you should wear your club colours.  Not only is this in line with EA rules, but it helps promote the club and helps runners and spectators spot each other.

You can obtain vests, t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts made of technical fabrics in club colours.  They are also available in a 'hi-vis' yellow for training runs, as well as padded jackets and rain jackets.  Other club-related items are available.  Please speak to the kit secretary for further details.