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Predictathon Results - Tue 9 Aug 2022

Well done to David Bacon the winner of the late summer Predictathon, predicting his time to within 5 seconds! Due to a runner not taking a token, the results for those with later tokens weren't accurate if you looked at them in the clubhouse. (It did not affect the winners.) That's all been fixed now, so you can find your actual performances here: Thanks to the volunteers: Darren Radford (scoring assistance); Liz Preston (trophy/snacks); Lisa Gaskin (timekeeping); Brian Parish (finish times); Emma Bolton (runner/sorter); John Whan (tail runner); Keith Penfold (tokens); and Ron Dobie (marshal). Without them, we couldn't do it. As the nights are getting darker again, I doubt we'll manage to fit another Predictathon in this summer, but I have ideas for a three-run series in 2023. Stay tuned!

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