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Christmas Time: Awards & Mulled Wine!

The last club night before Christmas is usually the Awards night for Grand Prix and ELVIS, and 2021 was no different.

First, was the matter of the Christmas Canter to be had: mince pies, mulled wine, sherry, cheese and crackers - but all while doing half-mile laps of the park! Organised this year by Dave & Laura Sherman, everyone had a great time eating, drinking and running in the dark!

ELVIS Awards

The ELVIS awards are our club competition organised by Keith Penfold, and based on results of the popular East London club league.

This year's winners were:

  • Ever Present: Bernard Savage, Darren Radford, Gary Flint, Lee Kyson, Simon Maley

  • Overall Best Lady: Kate Pettit

  • Overal Best Gent: Gary Flint

  • Most Consistently Improved Lady: Kate Pettit

  • Most Consistently Improved Gent: Lee Kyson

  • VF50: Kate Pettit

  • VF40: Melanie Green

  • SM: Dave Sherman

  • VM40: Simon Maley

  • VM50: Gary Flint

  • VM60 Tony Gray

Essex County Grand Prix

This year, three of our ladies were medallists in the Essex County Championships. Bronze medals were awarded to Kate Pettit, Sue Spong, Jo Reeves for 3rd place in their age categories across the whole of Essex.

H90J Grand Prix

Awards were also given out for this years Grand Prix winners, organised by Darren Radford. With many races cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID, it was hard to get all the races in, so special congratulations this year to all the winners!

  • Ever Present: Steve Constantinou, Darren Radford

  • Division 1 Winner: Dave Sherman

  • Division 2 Winner: Steve Constantinou, (2nd Kate Pettit)

  • Division 3 Winner: Darren Radford (2nd Tony Gray, 3rd Melanie Green)

  • Division 4: Nobody qualified with 5 events

  • Division 5 Winner: Brian Slade

  • Division 6 Winner: Laura Kelly (2nd Lisa Gaskin, 3rd Lee Kyson)

  • Division 7: Nobody qualified with 5 events

Well done to everyone that took part this year!

Merry Christmas!

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