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H90J Activities - July Update

Although a number of big restrictions were lifted this afternoon, it doesn't look like we're able to re-open the club as yet. The last update from England Athletics says coaching can take place with 1 coach to 5 people, but this requires a planned, risk-assessed session. Larger gatherings, general groups and indoor meet-ups don't yet appear to be supported by the changes announced today. (Gyms are still closed, for example.)

We're waiting for the updated England Athletics guidance in light of today's announcement to see what our next steps are. Rest assured that we will get the club back running as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, groups of 6 are permitted, so you should feel free to organise runs (as many of us have been) in this time. If anyone wants to meet in an open space starting point at any particular times, then please feel free to announce it in the club Facebook group and self-arrange.

Take care, have fun, and keep running!

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