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Coronavirus Update - Jun 2020

On behalf of the Committee I hope you are all keeping well and maintaining your physical and mental fitness. I know that some of you have suffered badly with the virus and hope that you are making a full recovery.

There is talk of schools and gyms re-opening however it is unlikely that gatherings the size that we have on a Tuesday and Thursday evening would be permitted for some time, whether this be within the school or outside.   It is however, permitted that you can meet up with 6 people from different households provided you keep you 2 metre distance and so it may be that you can reunite with your running buddies. However, as you have probably all experienced the streets and parks are heavily populated with others taking their daily exercise and so this could be challenging.

England Athletic have at this stage put membership on hold until August 2020 with no advice on when we can hold our AGM or resume club activities. We will continue to monitor this and advise when known. We are also reviewing the feasibility of the dinner dance being able to proceed in November. Watch this space.

I would like to thank the coaches for their weekly posts to keep us motivated, and the various individuals who have arranged the virtual park run, the house relay, the hilltop selfie and making letters and numbers on strava to make up the word Havering 90. If you have any other ideas or want to organise something please feel free and post accordingly, but please keep within the government guidelines.

Hope we can all meet up soon, but in the meantime please keep safe and keep in touch.

Your Committee.

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